Jaroslaw Kaczmarski Photography | About

Jaroslaw Kaczmarski Photography is dedicated to create images with emotional impact of interior and exterior architecture worldwide.

All images are sole property

Although I was originally planning to be a musician, somehow I picked up my first camera. The camera is like a musical instrument, it takes years of practice to become a master. Knowledge and experience are only tools but imagination and creativity are essential. Looking back in time, I realize I always had very strong creative inclinations. My vast abilities in digital realm enabled me to work on wide range of demanding commissions. I love my profession, indeed.

My eye is available for all work proposals worldwide.

I use both natural and artificial light where appropriate to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail. I strive to create fun, laid-back environments when shooting, whether photographing a small flat or huge building. I strive to create strong and lasting professional relationships, by listening and attending to their clients’ objectives first. The breadth of their client base and the longevity of these relationships proves the efficacy of this approach. I shoot digitally, believing that it is the format that can provide the most benefit to the client. They also provide professional retouching and postproduction as part of the service.

When I'm not photographing architecture and interiors, I always work on exciting new projects — anything from photographing, filming and designing or going somewhere for an adventure.